Member Spotlight

Be A Rainbow”
As we all braced ourselves for the impact of Hurricane Irma, our neighbors on the Atlantic Ocean islands were trying desperately to wrap their minds around how they will recover from the devastation left in Irma’s wake.  Kimberly Van Epps, one of our school psychologists, took action to lighten their burden.  After seeing a photo of a double rainbow over the island of St. Thomas, she organized what she deemed as the “Be a Rainbow” project. In 48 hours she rallied friends, family, and colleagues collecting 800 lbs of hurricane relief support and had it all shipped to the United States, Virgin Islands, St. Thomas.  Hurricane Irma survivors there received  clothes, shoes, socks, toys, baby wipes, diapers, school supplies, batteries, toilet paper, and so much more. Thanks, Kimberly.  You make us proud!
 Kimberly next to 800 lbs. of hurricane relief support
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